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More than just renting empty cold rooms

Posted by David, Founder of Fluster, on September 6, 2018

Hey, I’m David, founder of Fluster, the clever marketplace for flatshares with plenty of unique features which makes life easier. One year ago, Ronorp and Impact Hub Zürich published a blog post about my startup. In the following article I will try to summarize what happened since that publication, where I stand now, and what will happen next.

From flats and flatshares to roommates

Although you can still advertise your flat on Fluster, I shifted the app’s focus on flatsharing. The reason behind this shift is that the unique features I have in mind are mostly focused on persons, on the real human being, and on the community. When you are renting a new room, you are not just renting an empty cold place but you are also moving in with a stranger, that’s why it makes sense to me.

So many releases

There are different approaches when it comes to product development. The Fluster approach consists of always offering new improvements and features to the users. Since April 2017, I’ve published 60 (!) new releases of Fluster in stores.

With these new features, you can now for example use an in-app chat and Instagram-like filters, display your hobbies and lifestyle easily, login with Gmail, and enjoy the app in four languages. Last but not least, Fluster is now also available on the web, next to the App Store and Google Play!

What’s next? Fluster goes OPEN SOURCE

I’m really happy to announce for the very first time officially that I will release Fluster as an open source software! This means that the all code of my platform (app, website and server), 40’000 (!) lines of code I wrote with my own two hands, are going to be available to anyone. This might not sound like a big thing to you, but for me, in my effort to be closer and open to my community, this is really a big step forward. If you don’t want to miss this launch, follow Fluster on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Live long and prosper, bisou


About the author

David is the founder of Fluster and the organizer of the Ionic Zürich Meetup. He is also a freelance full stack software developer and project manager and generally speaking, kind of a Swiss pocketknife engineer when it comes to the development of web and mobile applications.

Fluster is developed with passion in Zürich🇨🇭